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All In One Kits

Lithium-Ion All-in-One Kits

We know it can be tough to set up a home power system when a million different components and accessories are available. BatteryEvo seeks to cut out confusing shopping experiences with our new All-in-One Kits. These lithium-ion upgrade kits provide a one-stop solution for getting your power system up and running quickly and painlessly!

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Kong Elite Max

Achieve Energy Independence

We’re bringing the unlimited power and performance of BatteryEVO lithium to your home, all at the best price per kWh on the market. Embark on your path to residential energy independence and unlock substantial savings on your monthly home electricity costs with the 48V Kong Elite Max.



Guaranteed High Capacity Power Storage

The all-new 48V MUSTANG is one of our most energy-dense models, packing 7kWh and 139Ah of capacity in a sleek, steel casing. This battery is built to maximize the capabilities of your power system, and was designed for efficient power delivery, with generous operating parameters, regardless of how far your adventures take you!

Golf Cart Battery

Extend your journey. Increase your speed. Embrace more excitement.

Lithium-ion batteries offer significant advantages for a wide range of vehicles, including golf carts. Our lithium battery solutions provide reduced weight, increased power, quicker charging times, and require zero maintenance compared to lead-acid batteries. As a result, you can experience extended mileage on a single charge and enhanced hill-climbing acceleration. Elevate your golf cart by upgrading to our lithium solutions and witness these advantages firsthand!

Golf car bundle Lithium Battery

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Off Grid Power Systems

Unparalleled Energy Storage with BatteryEVO.

BatteryEVO’s off-grid lithium battery banks utilize premium LiFePO4 cells, optimizing energy efficiency to its fullest. Our solar offerings present an unbeatable cost per kWh in energy storage options. Notably, lithium batteries boast approximately 50% more energy storage capacity compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. Realize your off-grid aspirations with BatteryEVO’s cutting-edge solutions today!

Lithium Golf Cart Batteries

Enhanced Speed. Extended Range. Reduced Weight.

Lithium batteries are a game-changer for various vehicles, including golf carts. With BatteryEVO’s advanced lithium solutions, you’ll experience decreased weight, increased power, quicker charging cycles, and zero maintenance in contrast to traditional lead-acid batteries. This translates to heightened mileage on a single charge and improved uphill acceleration. Elevate your golf cart experience with BatteryEVO’s transformative battery upgrade today!

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RVs, Vans & Campers

Enhanced Speed. Extended Range. Reduced Weight.

BatteryEVO’s lithium battery packs for RVs, vans, and campers come with a proven track record of exceptional reliability, ensuring your adventures are stress-free. Our state-of-the-art lithium solutions for RVs and van-life endeavors not only cut down generator usage but also significantly reduce charging durations. Additionally, our RV batteries are available with built-in inverters, providing you with a comprehensive solution for compatible accessories all in one place. Unleash the potential of your travels with BatteryEVO today!

Industrial Solutions

Boosting Performance, Maximizing Efficiency.

BatteryEVO’s industrial lithium battery packs offer a seamless plug-and-play solution for electric commercial and industrial vehicles, seamlessly replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. Transitioning to BatteryEVO’s lithium solutions amplifies your equipment’s power while reducing weight, resulting in extended operational hours. Experience faster charging, eliminate maintenance requirements, and say goodbye to “cool down” periods before recharging. Elevate your industrial equipment’s capabilities with BatteryEVO and unlock a new era of performance and savings.

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