We Guarantee the Best Lithium Battery Prices in the USA! 

Manufactured from Overstock, Repurposed, and Surplus Cells.

Our Batteries make the newest battery technology affordable while providing the greenest batteries in America. 

About Battery Evo

BatteryEVO: was created to provide high-performance lithium batteries for every application at the Best Price in the United States.

We utilize Overstock and 2nd-Life Battery Cells to design powerful lithium batteries that everyone can afford! 


Our Quality Guarantee: All BatteryEVO Cells, Modules and Packs are individually Triple-Cycle tested in our US Facility for quality control and safety.

All products come with a Full Warranty, Tech Support and US Based customer service. 


Unbeatable Price: Per-Cycle; Our batteries cost less than Lead-Acid and last 3-4X Longer! When you want powerful Lithium Batteries for any application - Nobody Beats BatteryEVO!

We guarantee the best battery prices in the USA for whatever you wish to power!

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BatteryEVO: 2nd Life Program

BatteryEVO has partnered with ITAP, Inc. to provide 2nd Life Battery ESS Solutions in the Untied States. .

In this program, we will utilize EV Battery Packs to power super-charging stations and power grid stabilization nationwide.

These ESS systems will allow for the cycle-life of all batteries to be fully utilized prior to scrap commodity recycling. We are building a world where America’s Past EV’s power our Future!

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