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Golf Cart Battery

Extend your journey. Increase your speed. Embrace more excitement.

Lithium-ion batteries offer significant advantages for a wide range of vehicles, including golf carts. Our lithium battery solutions provide reduced weight, increased power, quicker charging times, and require zero maintenance compared to lead-acid batteries. As a result, you can experience extended mileage on a single charge and enhanced hill-climbing acceleration. Elevate your golf cart by upgrading to our lithium solutions and witness these advantages firsthand!

Golf car bundle Lithium Battery

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48V Lithium Batteries




48V HUSKY Lithium Battery



48V Falcon Elite LFP Battery



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48V Falcon Elite LFP Battery



36V Lithium Batteries

36V RAPTOR G2 Lithium Battery



36V REINDEER Lithium Rechargeable Battery - High-Energy Density Battery Power Source



Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Battery Packs

Lithium golf cart batteries from BatteryEVO offer substantial advantages for your golf cart. BatteryEVO presents convenient, plug-and-play LiFePO4 battery solutions that outperform lead-acid batteries. This translates to reduced weight, increased power, and hassle-free maintenance. Our Lithium batteries deliver extended mileage per charge, enhanced hill-climbing capability, and shorter charging times. Additionally, they boast a longer lifespan, saving you both time and money.

BatteryEVO specializes in 36V and 48V lithium golf cart battery solutions, recognized for their superior safety and power. Each battery includes a Battery Management System (BMS) for cell protection and an LED charge indicator, offering precise Voltage information. These features make BatteryEVO’s lithium golf cart kits a seamless and secure replacement for lead-acid batteries.

48V HUSKY Lithium Battery 2x Kit