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BatteryEVO 7 Year Anniversary

BatteryEvo’s Independence

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to BatteryEVO, the manufacturer behind the Husky, Eagle, Kong, Rhino and other trusted products. BatteryEVO has been manufacturing for 7 years since 2017 and is now stepping into its own spotlight, continuing the legacy of delivering high-quality, long-lasting energy solutions. While our partnership with has been pivotal in our journey, we’re enthusiastic about offering our own branded products directly to you.

We Invite you to take advantage of our 7 year anniversary discount code: GOSOLO for 10% off your first order.

ATTENTION: Things That Might Affect You!
What You Need To Know:

1. As of July 15th 2023 BatteryEVO has ceased manufacturing batteries for and is no longer providing new or warranty parts to

2. Though we don’t support any warranty included with purchase, we do have available parts for sale directly from BatteryEVO should you need replacement parts for your BigBattery product.

3. was a white label brand built solely on top of BatteryEvo’s existing product line, we have been in business for years prior to

4. BatteryEVO holds all of the product IP and has never authorized any 3rd party company to use our patents.

5. As always, BatteryEVO is proudly manufactured in America.

Phone: 1-866-336-8386

We invite you to view videos showcasing the inside of products.

1. 14kwh Rhino Battery Teardown! Published: June 2021
SETTING OUR BATTERY ON FIRE!?? || Showcasing Our Fire Extinguisher Unit Published: February 2021
3. We took a Tour of’s Warehouse! Published: November 2020


If you purchased your BigBattery product before July 2023 we encourage you to call us at our toll free number, 1-866-336-8386 and we will do our best to support you.

We can provide you with parts for your BigBattery product at cost, along with technical support from our team.

We are based in Chatsworth, CA. We have a manufacturing facility in Chatsworth, CA, USA and Panama.

We have around 300 employees in Americas.

Yes, we offer a 10 year warranty on all our BatteryEVO products.

We are the original designer and manufacturer of BigBattery products.

We are a design house and manufacturer based in America. If you have any specific requirements or ideas we would be happy to support you.

BatteryEVO Lithium Batteries

All BigBattery products are 100% produced by BatteryEvo, including BMS, touch screens, protocol codes, battery cells, wires, and fire extinguishers.


Designed & Manufactured in America Since 2017

All BatteryEVO products are proudly engineered in America ensuring high quality batteries every time.

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