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Your Sustainable Energy Partner

At Battery Evo, we understand the importance of efficiency and speed when it comes to providing tailored energy solutions for your business. Learn about our process and fill out our quote request form.

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Battery Evo is a leading environmental battery manufacturer in the United States, specializing in sustainable power solutions with a global reach. We are dedicated to carbon-neutral operations and offer innovative, sustainable power solutions from manufacturing to end-of-life. Our closed-loop, zero-landfill approach ensures true energy sustainability in the USA and worldwide.

Our lithium batteries are the driving force behind various applications, including Mega ESS, off-grid homes, industrial equipment, RVs, emergency power systems, electric boats, wind turbines, grid stabilization, and more. Battery Evo provides the best price per kWh in the USA and offers the most efficient, affordable, safe, and sustainable battery technology available in these vital market sectors.

Over the past four years, our dedicated team has successfully designed, manufactured, and brought to market over 50 unique lithium solutions, supplying 200,000+ Battery Evo products in the USA.

research and development

Research & Development

We kickstart the process with an in-depth consultation to understand your unique energy requirements.

Our team works closely with you to identify your specific needs, goals, and challenges.

Design Batteries

Custom Solution Design

Leveraging the insights from the consultation, our expert engineers begin designing a tailored OEM solution.

We focus on maximizing efficiency and meeting your unique specifications.

prototype batteries

Prototyping & Quick Turnaround

With design in hand, our skilled team rapidly prototypes your custom solution within a mere 10-day timeframe.

Your custom solution is manufactured efficiently, maintaining our commitment to quality and reliability.

Our Powerful Applications


Off-Grid Power

Industrial Equipment

Solar Energy Storage

save energy

Peak Shaving

recreational center



RVs & Campers



Our Advantage

made in usa

American-Made Prototypes for Quick Turnaround

USA engineering team

USA Customer Support & Engineering Team

Best Price/kWh in the USA

low-cost design changes

Low-Cost Prototyping & Design Changes

Very High Production Capabilities

manufacturing in panama

Manufacturing in Panama